There are a lot of hidden truths in this world, and the goal of this site is to expose some of them: hidden no longer, they will be.

It is part of human nature to hide certain things, nothing unusual there. The reasons for that can be multiple. Special interests often prefer their secret dealings and arrangement to remain under the radar screen, with the public for the most part unaware of them.

Likewise big corporations have a main goal which is to make a profit every quarter, and in order to achieve constant growth, they may get involved in practices that would be frown upon if exposed to the masses.

Of it could simply be a question of habit. Even science itself is slow to change and adapt, as old dogmas are hard to shake. Just take climate change as an example, how much arctic ice needs to melt for the last climate denier to throw the towel, you may wonder.

So in this blog, these are the types of issues and truths we will try to uncover! Happy reading!