There are dreams that disturb us, others that almost make us regret waking up. We fall, we fly away, we kiss a star, we see a deceased loved one, a snake or a spider appears …

Sometimes you wonder what this weird dream we just made means!

Dream interpretation experts can say a lot about the person who had the dreams, and shrinks have taken a close interest in deciphering certain symbols. Nightmare, erotic dream, or delirious dream, what should we see in it?

How to analyze this bizarre dream that comes up all the time? What does it reveal about your deepest desires?

If you had a daring dream, that does not mean that you have become obsessed with sex, of course not! Learn how to decipher an erotic dream.

I had an erotic dream, is it serious doctor?

From simple romances to the hottest scenarios, many of us have erotic dreams, dreams of sex, dreams of love … but few admit their existence.

And yet, they say a lot about us and especially about our sexuality! Immerse yourself in these dreamlike thoughts full of meaning and discover the meaning of erotic dreams.

Dreams of sex or love in the early morning

Sleep is broken down into cycles of approximately 90 minutes, each comprising a phase of slow and paradoxical sleep. It is during the last part that dreams appear. Erotic reveries are an integral part of our intimacy, from an early age and especially during adolescence.

Puberty, conducive to the naughty dreams, is also closely related to the first emotional turmoil … It is then a learning of sexuality that will be perpetuated throughout adulthood.

Where do these erotic dreams come from?

As for the origin of erotic dreams, psychoanalysts are formal: erotic dreams do not happen by chance and are the fruit of desires experienced during the day.

For example, if a man had an effect on you during the day, you may dream of scorching hugs with him during your sleep.

What are these erotic dreams for?

Making love in a dream shows that the dreamer’s imagination is stimulated or, as Freud postulated, that she is able to form a desired scenario or even satisfy unconscious impulses.

A true object of liberation, the erotic dream therefore allows the individual to fulfill sexual needs that have escaped and thus, to thrive better in daily life.

Far from moral pressures, the dreamer can then deploy her libidinal energy and express all her sexual desires, even the most eccentric. Do you dream of being a man-eater when you make a point of staying true to reality?

Or do you have sex with your colleague on the photocopier when the latter intimidates you greatly? Never mind, in dreams, taboos, restraint and other blockages have no place!

Better yet, dreams of sex and love allow you to detect certain blockages, even to release them.

Thus, a young woman who is a little frigid but who nevertheless dreams incessantly of sexual relations with multiple orgasms could thus realize her discomfort and decide to consult a specialist to come to the end of her problem.

Should we be afraid of them?

Certainly not!

These dreams are not the sign of disorders but on the contrary of a good mental health. Your dreams, if they are the expression of repressed carnal or sexual desires for which you are not responsible, should in no way be confused with reality.

So there is no need to feel guilty and imagine that you are suffering from some form of perversity.

How to interpret erotic dreams?

It can be good, even beneficial, to question the meaning of erotic dreams in order to improve daily life, especially love life and sexuality.

First, psychoanalysts consider that the erotic dream takes two forms: that which involves a sexual act with penetration, which can then mean a lack in reality, with a libido which is not fully fulfilled; and the one that remains carnal (kisses, caresses), simply signifying general well-being.

For women as for men, certain universal symbols are imposed on us.

In the case of romantic encounters, the scenarios are quite similar from one person to another. Then there is the experience of each, their situation as a couple and their relationship to society more generally.

So it’s these additional details that allow for accurate interpretation and can make all the difference. Other symbols are universal, like fire, earth, water, day, night, trains …

On the analytical side, dreams involving a romantic encounter do not reflect the style of the person with whom the dreamer would like to materialize, but rather a hidden side of herself.

Thus, a person who dreams of his new boss with an assertive character and an eventful existence does not necessarily refer to a desire towards him, but to what he would like to be and to his life, which seems to him perhaps too boring to his taste.